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30 Water St
Newburyport, MA 01950


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frequently asked questions:


1. Must I sign up for a lesson every week of each semester?

No. While most students do, what you must do is carefully figure out those dates you will be able to attend & circle them on your semester calendar. Clear the day/time with John, and send in your studio calendar with your payment & dates circled to lock-in your lesson time. Keep your calendar, so you won't forget your lesson schedule!


2. Why must I pay up front before the semester begins?

Sure we trust you! But without this payment commitment, there is no

way to fairly schedule the very many diligent students -

and all the anxious people on the waiting list!

Unfortunately we cannot “hold” lesson times, until folks step up and commit.


3. What if I….become ill? Have detention? Want to go to the

mall? Have car trouble? . . . Um, forgot!

Everyone has one (1) make-up lesson each semester. The weekly schedule

is booked solid; there are no “openings”. I offer up my day off to

accommodate these “missed” lessons on one special Monday.

It is important that you know your lesson times are not only a

commitment of your finances, but also of that most precious commodity of

all, your time!


4. What about weather cancellations?

The studio will have a message on the machine if canceling

becomes necessary due to impassable weather conditions.

Your lesson will be credited.


5. Can I share a lesson slot or have a group lesson?

No – we do not offer group lessons because everyone progresses

at different rates, and it becomes more difficult for each student.

You may choose (with another student) to slot into an every-other-week

schedule however.


6. Do you rent instruments?

We do not rent, but can suggest some who do if needed.


7. Do you offer strings? Will you change mine?

Yes, we have strings for sale, and will change strings for a fee.

You also will be taught to do it!


8. Must I be able to read music?

No. My focus is on enabling students to play and enjoy their instrument,

although learning to read is always beneficial in the 'big picture”.